March 14, 2003

Regular readers of the Babe of the Month column know we held a contest on our Web site to pick 2001's Babe of the Year. It was a fierce competition that included some smack talk between the two top contenders--Juan's Girl, aka Sarah (Miss November), and Cristye Butler (Miss December). Though Sarah took an early lead, Cristye stormed back and took the win by 7 percent. Dedicated readers may also recall that Cristye had promised to send two photos, but only sent one.

Well, saving the 5.0&SF staff from a string of Buick LeSabre oil changes, Cristye sent in the missing photo, which you are drooling on right now. So, congratulations to Cristye Butler of Columbus, Ohio. You are the 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords' 2001 Babe of the Year--and with this photo, you might just be in the running for 2002. As for your prize, we poor magazine guys don't have much to give, so how's this for a deal? We'll get you into the Columbus NMRA race (held May 3-5, 2002) for free, and we'll photograph your car for the magazine. Just drop us an e-mail in April and we'll work out the details.