March 14, 2003

Darrin Henderson of Montgomery, Alabama, all but begged us "not to let these two women down." We're not sure what it was worth to Darrin's girlfriend Ginger (left), and her friend Brooke (right), but Darrin sure didn't do them or us any favors by sending in this photo on cheap, lo-res ink-jet paper. Despite the image quality, we could tell Darrin is obviously a lucky man, Not only did these two bikini-clad babes risk serious burns crawling in his Deep Evergreen paint job, the did it even though his car is fairly stock. Just 3.73 gears, under-drive pulleys, Flowmaster mufflers, an H-pipe, and a K&N filter are all he has to impress the ladies. Just imagine how many ladies he could attract if he pumped a little more horsepower under that hood.