Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
August 1, 2013

By now we are well-versed in the winning recipe of girl plus her Mustang equals BOTM winner. Often, however, these ladies are not professional models, rather simply ’Stang enthusiasts like the rest of us. That’s about as cool as it gets, but this month we have a drag-racing Mustang enthusiast that happens to do modeling as well. Add that all up and you have a big winner in our monthly Facebook poll—Krista Elyse ( of Washington, D.C.

Obviously Krista likes Mustangs, but there’s one sure way to tell she’s a true Mustang enthusiast. Just look at her hip—that is a Mustang running-horse tattoo. “I got my first car, a black Mustang GT, in November 2000. I made a deal with my dad—if I got a college basketball scholarship, he would get me a car. I got a full ride to play B-ball at a Division 2 school, and he bought me my first car—a black Mustang GT, automatic.”

“Not many fathers and daughters can not only share such a strong love of Mustangs their entire life, but we share the modding and mechanical end of it too,” she added. “Dad and I have been racing NMRA True Street and modding our Mustang collection together ever since 2010. In addition to me and my 2010 GT, my dad currently owns a 700-rwhp ’08 GT500; a modded ’04 Mach 1; a built ’88 Fox GT with a crate motor and other goodies; and an ’08 GT.”

In 2005, Krista was asked to act as a spokesmodel for a local shop in New Jersey. That kickstarted her modeling work; around the same time, she started collecting sponsors like BlowBy Racing, Cervini’s Auto Designs, and Paxton Automotive for her ’00 Mustang GT drag car. Five years later, she stepped up to the Grabber Blue ’10 Mustang GT seen on this page. In addition to a Paxton supercharger, it features gear from, JBA Exhaust, Saleen, and SpeedLab, among others.

“...My home track is Maryland International Raceway. My dad has raised my sister and I as a single parent and has still found the resources to enjoy the car hobby with me, even though he had to give it up for a while when we were little to put us through school,” Krista explained. “I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today without him, and I’m thankful that we can share our love of Mustangs. My future goals are to continue my build on Project Blue, but it’s slowed down a bit due to my upcoming wedding.”

“It’s been a dream of mine for a long time to finally make it as a BOTM for 5.0&SF magazine, as it should be for any girl who bleeds Ford blue,” Krista added. “I want to thank my fiance and future husband Charlie Barnes for helping with all of my mods and supporting my crazy schedule.”

We know you’ve stopped reading by now, but if you think you know a gal that is BOTM material, well, you won’t know if you don’t get out from under the hood and take a picture of her with your Mustang—or better yet, hers. Send those pictures and a description of your babe and the car to: BOTM, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, 9036 Brittany Way, Tampa, FL 33619 or