Thomas Voehringer
November 14, 2016
Photos By: Bob Swaim

In the Oct. 1968 issue of Car Craft, Editor John Raffa and Associate Editor (and ace photographer) Bob Swaim teamed up to provide performance reviews for the upcoming model year. Among the participants for 1969 were the Chevelle SS, Charger, Road Runner, 442, GTO, AMX, GS 400, Firebird, and all the usual characters. One was this early Mach 1 2+2 Prototype, described by Raffa like this, using a flurry of quotation marks, "includes the 428 Cobra Jet 'Ram-Air' engine with unique through-the-hood 'shaker' scoop to aid in 'breathing.'" The article, which spanned 17 pages, was a thorough, seat-of-the-pants explanation of the upcoming performance features for the new Detroit iron. The story lacked any direct comparative numbers for the models tested, unfortunately. Those numbers were available in the individual test-feature stories, printed before and after this story ran. It was quite an undertaking in the midst of the muscle-car era, following on the heels of the stocker class drag-racing report in the previous issue.

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