Courtney Barber
May 6, 2019
Contributers: Courtney Barber

"People are always wanting to buy it, and I say no, I don't sell my children. I'm serious, it's my child"

That's Lyn Adams talking about her 1965 Mustang convertible, a car she bought brand new and drives daily, half a million miles later! The odometer had rolled to 509, 920.4 miles when we caught up to Lyn at the 55 Years of Mustang show in Charlotte, NC. She actually caught up to me, as the mileage she's put on her car is about even with what I've put on Project Road Warrior, my '65 hardtop, and she wanted to talk smack. Just kidding, she's a really sweet lady and like me, is a dog lover!

Lyn's car is exactly as it came off the truck at the dealership in late 1964. The 289 and C4 automatic have been rebuilt three and two times respectively, and the interior is in incredible shape for how many miles are on the car—only the driver's seat has been reupholstered; the rest is all original. The engine bay is grimy and dusty because after detailing it twice, the radiator blew twice making it grungy again so Lyn said, "So I'm not doing that again."

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