Courtney Barber
February 4, 2019

Nearly two years ago, we featured Marissa Burckhardt for Mustang Girl Monday (, and she recently got back in touch with us to give everyone an update. Her update is a long and eloquent one so we’ll let her speak for herself this time:

“Since we spoke last, my Mustang has gone through a whole lot! Picking up where we left off, I was enjoying my mostly stock inline-six car until my drum brakes failed me and I got into a collision in November of 2016. The car wasn't hurt too bad, but the front fenders, hood, and radiator all needed to be replaced (I'll spare the sad photos). This was a bummer for me! Everything on my car was original and it all fit together so well. All of the repro metal that I got went together with some awkward gaps (the standard onlooker might not notice, but the trained eye, and certainly I, myself, notice).

“This spurred me to invest in upgrading to front disc brakes and converting to 5-lug underneath. While she was being repaired and repainted, I began accumulating the parts needed to do the 5-lug swap. I got lucky and scored an 8-inch posi rear end with the same 2.79 gearing I was used to (I eventually want to get 3.25 gears). The car came back better than ever sporting a new hood scoop in February of 2017. I was having a heck of a time finding a rim/tire combo that would fit with the new 5-lug setup, so I stayed with stock 5-lug rims and hubcaps for the rest of 2017 (those of which I could never keep from flying off of my car). The car was running well and looking beautiful with the faithful inline I had, so I was more than happy to have it back as my daily. The year 2017 was filled with fun cruises with friends and the first official NorCal chapter meet for the global club I am in, called ClassicStangs (you can find them on Instagram). I believe at our largest event we had 29 classic Mustangs at Treasure Island. In my Mustang's fashion, I left my house on the morning of the cruise with four hubcaps and arrived in Treasure Island with only three. I also got a new chrome valve cover and beautified my dingy engine bay.

“After some heavy research, in January of 2018, I finally chose 17x8 grey TorkThrust 2s and managed to fit 235s up front and 255s in the rear with a thin spacer (no rolled fenders, yet). It really is amazing how much rims can change the look of the car! After realizing that the thinner walled tires made my Mustang look nearly like a 4x4, I lowered the front end and found that when I turned, my tires would rub ever so slightly. With my lovely tax return, in May of 2018 I had the body shop finally roll my fenders, install a new GT rear valence, and repaint my car (yes I know, again) a custom version of its stock silver blue I had been itching to do for a while. After that, I eventually got mid-eye leaves and dropped the rear too, to give it a nice and even lowered stance.

“In my spare time throughout 2018, my group of friends and I went on numerous cruises all around the Bay Area. We visited Alice's up Highway 9, the hills of Oakland, and the wineries of Napa, to name a few. We don't have a name for our group since its always been an unofficial hang out of ours, but we jokingly call ourselves "Scuderia Mustang.” NorCal ClassicStangs held its second annual cruise at Treasure Island and this time our group of classic Mustangs was over 40.

“In recent months, I have developed a leak in my radiator, a vacuum leak in my carburetor, and have only worsened my stock exhaust leak. I am currently saving up for a new aluminum radiator and a dual exhaust setup. A good friend of mine is giving me another carb to rob parts off of to fix it. The car has been (somewhat) retired from its daily freeway commute and I want to wait until I've taken care of those three things before I resume with the fun, fast-paced cruises I do with my friends. Even though it's just an inline, my car and I are able to keep up and rally with the best of them! Perhaps that's why my radiator has started leaking, oops!

“I just recently have installed new LED headlights from the Novato-based brand, Dapper Lighting. I cannot tell which I like more, the way they look or how much brighter they are than the stock lights! I am waiting on LED taillights from them as well. I one day want to swap in a V-8, hopefully, sooner rather than later, but who knows when that will be able to happen.

“And that is where my car and I stand! I fall in love with driving it more and more every day. It has been amazing owning it and really being able to immerse myself in the classic car community and meet the amazing, friendly, and helpful people that I have. I met my boyfriend through this and honestly he is one of the main reasons why so many of these things have been possible!”

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