Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
January 7, 2019

We just figured out where we went wrong in life. Instead of paying attention in English and Journalism classes, and learning how to photograph cars, we should’ve skipped all that and started our own Mustang salvage yard. Not that we’re really any good at shooting cars, or even writing about them, but maybe our talents would’ve been put to better use tearing Mustangs apart.

The Voodoo Cobra’s underpinnings are tightened up thanks to Stifflers FIT system, which includes subframe connectors, stiffening rails, and web braces. The car will also wear a Stifflers driveshaft loop, spider brace, and lower chassis brace.

We probably wouldn’t have been any good at putting them back together so maybe it’s best that Midway Mustang and Midwest Fox Rods are on the case with this 1993 Cobra. The Voodoo 93 has been at Midwest Fox Rods since early summer, where Jon Wise and the crew smoothed the engine bay, straightened out the body, applied GT350 Avalanche grey to the topside, adding Stifflers FIT system, and following that up with painting the underside. Midwest is finishing up the body before sending the car back to Midway Mustang for the drivetrain installation.

As you can see, Midwest Fox Rods painted the Voodoo Cobra’s chassis after the Stifflers additions and prior to the car going back to Midway Mustang for drivetrain installation.

The drivetrain will consist of a Shelby GT350 flat-plane crank 5.2L engine, a McLeod clutch, CCW wheels, and a built 8.8 out back. Midway’s Erik McDonald will either use the factory GT350 transmission if possible, but if not, a Tremec T56 Magnum will be in the tunnel. Either way, the plan is for a supercharger to be on top of the Voodoo, so whatever transmission is chosen, this car is going to fly.

This is what the car will look like once finished. The goal is for the car to be completed by Mustang Week 2019, if not sooner. We can’t wait to see the finished product.