MMFP 190300 SNAP 04
Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
December 18, 2018

Searching for a new car can be daunting, even if all you want is a Mustang. Even when you zero in on exactly what you want, it can still take a while to find the right car. Amanda Hillyard’s family is full of Mustang lovers, so that narrowed down her pick, but it also had to be Competition Orange. Amanda and her father scoured all of Florida to locate just the right car, then traveled five hours to get it. Amanda became the newest member of the stable with her 2015 Competition Orange V-6. Her father, Andrew, has a 2016 Triple Yellow GT. Her uncle, Gordon Davis, has a 2017 Race Red GT. Grandmother Donna Hillyard has a 2018 Oxford White GT. Last but not least, Amanda’s cousin Brandon Waters has a 2012 Black GT.

Photography by Amanda Hillyard