Kendra Sommer
December 28, 2018

Since the beginning it’s been American Muscle and blue ovals for the Trepanier household. Husband and wife team Melissa and Brandon are the owners of a 2006 Roush Mustang and a 1998 LX Mustang.

The discussion to get involved with Mustangs started when the couple first started dating. “He told me he wanted one and I said absolutely,” Melissa said. That conversation turned into a year-long adventure tracking down the perfect 2006 Stage 1 Roush Mustang. Since getting the Roush, Brandon has done a lot of the modification himself. “The Roush I modified myself. It had a stock GT Mustang motor but is now cammed, has headers, and the fun stuff,” Brandon said. The 1998 LX Mustang is just a few months old for the family and is the couple’s cruiser!

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Photography by Kendra Sommer