Kendra Sommer
October 26, 2018

It's hard to top an all original factory Mustang. Owner Jody Stuck waited 20 years for this one owner factory stock Mustang, persistently bugging the female owner to sell for two decades. Eventually, she gave in and Jody ended up with this 100-percent stock ’66 convertible. It has a 289 and C4 automatic and very few options, as well as all original sheetmetal, paint, interior, and everything else. As Jody said, “It’s a great car to leave as is or a great car to restore.” This Mustang does not however have power brakes or power steering so driving this does require some muscle, but all Jody has to do is look to one or Mustang Monthly’s advertisers and he can rectify all of that no problem. Which direction would you go with this Mustang—restoration or restomod?

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