Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
September 28, 2018
Photos By: Kendra Sommer

That’s right, we have a brand new video series coming to call Fierce Ford Friday, where host Kendra Sommer introduces viewers to some of the coolest blue ovals around. Who is Kendra?

Loving classics from a young age, Kendra loved working on her father's Mustang and started her career in Los Angeles working at Entertainment Tonight and CBS's The Insider. She then moved into television news to work as reporter, then quit her news reporter job to attend The SEMA Show and host her digital video brand, Cruisin' With Kendra. Sommer and her program have done reports with various manufacturers in the industry and covered PRI, SEMA, Barrett-Jackson, Mecum Auctions, and various car event across the country. She’s also a Mustang-lover and is now a weekly contributor to

Our debut video is on Lenny Walschinkski’s fastback. Tell us what you think, and if you know of a Mustang or unique Ford vehicle that should be seen here, email us at or Kendra at

Lenny Walschinski’s 1965 fastback

You can't beat your first car, especially when it's a 1965 Mustang fastback! Owner Lenny Walschinski says his matte black ‘65 fastback has had nine lives. He would know since he's rebuilt this Mustang by himself on several occasions, first saving the car from a field in Florida in the early 1980's. At the age of 17, Walschinski then turned his Mustang into a race car. Since then, he has tamed down the 1965 and turned it into car show eye candy. Walschinski did the body work, paint job, and interior on his Mustang which led to him opening his own shop, Vintage Mustangs and Muscle Cars of Green Bay (WI).

Each Friday, and bring you a video on an interesting Mustang we found while traveling around the country. If you have or know of a Mustang, early or late model, email Kendra at