Courtney Barber
November 29, 2016
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At Mustang Girl Monday, we highlight a lady and her Mustang. We normally get semi-informative emails from potential subjects, but this month’s choice for Mustang Girl Monday did such a good job writing her feelings about her love of Mustangs, that we’ll just let her tell you the story:

“It’s amazing how 675 ponies can change one’s mindset. My name’s Lea Anne, I am 31, and a HUGE automotive geek in every sense. My whole life I have loved cars. Any sort of cars, I was never one to discriminate. My brother had quite a weak spot for the classic Mustangs. They quickly grew on me, because oddly enough, he would NEVER stop talking about them.

Fast forward to about six years ago now. I was asked to be somewhat of a “secret weapon” driver on a Bullrun rally. Here, I met my amazing friend Courtney Barber with her 1965 Mustang, Mustang Monthly’s Project Road Warrior. We chatted about doing an event together and ended up doing several Rally North America events as Team Mustang Girls - not only are you driving for a cause, but you get to spend time with some really awesome folks and see some really cool cars. Doing these trips locked in my love for the classic Mustang, especially hers.

In 2015 I was living in Texas. My daily driver, which I will spare you the details of what it was simply because it’s embarrassing, got totaled from flood damage. I was completely lost as to what to get. I was torn between trucks, cars, Jeeps, and even boats. Never thinking I would leave the import world.

After some deliberation, I caved and went on the 2015 Rally North America event, where I ran into my buddy Bill from CJ Pony Parts. He has a gorgeous 2015 Performance Pack S550 that has the Roush supercharger set up on it. We ended up at Roebling Road near Savannah, Georgia one of the final days of rally. He asked me to show him how to properly drive his car on the track so I did.

I immediately fell in love; 675 horsepower changed my life and I had to have a new Mustang. The balance, the braking, the gearbox, the power (even without a supercharger) it’s just amazing. I got home the next day from the rally and went straight to the dealership and picked out my very first Mustang. I am very proud to say this, as I never thought I would. I love my Mustang! It’s been quite the road leading up to this point, but now, it’s a much more fun ride along the way.”

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