September 29, 2016

Remember a long time ago when you were a kid, and the parents put up the Christmas tree (or Menorah, if you’re Jewish, or whatever traditional holiday decoration was traditional in your household)? For most of us in the States, that Christmas tree signaled the goodies that were soon to come on Christmas morning, after scrambling downstairs at dawn to rip open all that fancy wrapping paper and pray. Did the folks pay attention to your obsessively detailed wish list telling them you really wanted that new Lionel HO American Freedom Train set or the Evel Knievel Scramble Van and Stunt Cycle? (Well, those were the editor’s favorite Christmas presents, anyway.)

We’re older now, which means two things: Our wish lists contain much more expensive car parts and stuff now, and the “parents” putting those presents under the tree are probably our significant others, using the money from our joint-checking accounts. Or we just get ourselves gifts in the name of Christmas spirit. Either way, the aftermarket has plenty of drool-worthy Mustang parts and memorabilia to provide a year’s worth of fun. We’ve picked out some of the better ideas for this year’s Holiday Gift Guide. We suggest breaking out the highlighter, picking which ones you want, and casually sliding this in front of whoever in your life might be going Christmas shopping for you—kind of a “hint, hint” gesture.

QA1’s Full-Vehicle Suspension Kits

One solution doesn’t work for every vehicle. That’s why QA1 now offers handling and drag-racing kits for a variety of Mustangs with up to three levels of performance to choose from. Rather than providing only one option for your vehicle, QA1 has developed these kits to help you achieve your specific performance goals, such as increasing cornering ability for performance handling or creating a more-controlled launch and improved straight-line stability for drag racing.

(800) 721-7761

Lokar, Inc.

Throttle Pedal Assembly With Brake & Clutch Pads
• Direct replacement for stock assemblies
• Provides ability to change from hard linkage to cable linkage
• Use with Lokar Teflon-lined throttle and kick-down cables for complete conversion
• Spring-loaded throttle pedal
• Delrin bushings for smooth pedal movement
• Rubber inserts on all pads for traction
• 3M black adhesive included for installing rubber inserts
• Easy to install with basic hand tools
• Available in brushed or black finish

Lokar, Inc.
(877) 469-7440

Flaming River Industries

The Mustang Power Rack and Pinion Kit adds pure driving comfort and true steering performance to any Classic Mustang. The cradle mounts in the original chassis location using the mounting holes from the steering box and idler arm. The Flaming River Power Rack and Pinion has more than 6 inches of travel and provides the full lock to lock turning radius.

Flaming River Industries
(866) 815-3677

Novigo Designs

Stretch the life of your paint with NoviStretch Performance Protective Covers. Made in the USA, patented NoviStretch covers provide quality paint protection for your 6th-Gen Mustang with incredible ease of use. Stretch-fit materials create a tight, secure fit without damaging the clear coat by rubbing or chafing. They install with no cutting or drilling and are designed for easy cleaning and compact storage.

(302) 239-5387

Schwartz Performance

The Schwartz G-Machine Chassis is the best overall bolt on you can add to your vintage Mustang! The G-Machine Chassis is engineered to mount to the factory structural areas and will drastically improve the overall strength, ride, and handling of your car. Plus, each chassis easily accepts modern drivelines! Schwartz offers complete G-Machine Chassis for 1964-1973 Mustangs and other vintage Ford cars and trucks.

Schwartz Performance
(815) 206-2230

Delta PAG

Delta PAG’s high-performance brushless cooling fans use cutting-edge technologies to provide ultimate cooling performance.

• Move more than 2,800cfm at only 2.70 inches thin
• Reduce amp draw (only 13 amps for 2,800cfm)
• Increase reliability (lasts 10 times longer)
• Digital Controller adjusts on/off temps and speed
• Soft-Start tech eliminates power spikes.

They are the thinnest, most efficient 2,800cfm on the market. The brushless fan kits include everything you need, including waterproof wiring harness, digital controller, brushless fan, and sensor. Ask about fabricating a custom aluminum shroud or custom radiator using CAD engineering. Complete cooling packages also available: radiator, shroud, and fan(s) pre-wired for any vehicle.

Delta PAG
(212) 203-2912

Spaghetti Engineering (DIGI-TAILS)

DIGI-TAILS sequential LED taillight panels provide superior brightness, safety, and style. Each kit is custom designed for your car to maximize light output. They feature fully sequential and three-step sequence modes and are currently available for 1964 1/2-1970 Mustang, 1967 Shelby, and Maverick. The company adds new models and years per customers’ requests. Made in USA with a lifetime warranty. Free shipping code: MUSTANG16

Spaghetti Engineering
(856) 719-9989


YearOne reinvents the muscle-car wheel. Classic design meets modern technology in YearOne’s line of wheels for Ford Mustangs. Designs include the Mustang Magnum in 17-inch diameter with aluminum construction. Wheels are available in 8- or 9-inch widths, and they accept OEM center caps. Can’t decide? Gift certificates are also available.


Gear Vendors

Larson, Lutz, Bailey, DragWeek, Roadkill, Bonneville, Texas, and Ohio Mile. They have the highest horsepower handling overdrives you can buy, and you can bolt one on in a couple of hours. Keep your existing manual or automatic transmission and get 28.6-percent faster cruising speed with a warranty that covers you, even at the drag strip. Turn your three-speed automatic into six close ratios, which is exactly how the late-model OE transmissions work. Complete overdrive kits start at just $2,695 for a limited time.

Gear Vendors
(800) 999-9555

Baer Brake Systems

The EradiSpeed+ is a direct replacement, two-piece rotor that features machined-aluminum center hats bolted to the rotor rings. Baer’s rotors offer dynamic visual impact behind today’s modern wheels, as well as a significant weight savings. EradiSpeed+ is available for the front and rear on the 2015-2016 EcoBoost Performance Package, GT, and GT Performance Package Mustangs.

Baer Brake Systems
(602) 233-1411

Performance Online

Performance Online offers a wide selection of brake conversions for your Mustang, Falcon, Ranchero, Galaxie, Comet, and Cougar. These wheel kits use four-piston Kelsey Hays calipers and high-performance rotors. Upgrades to red or black calipers, stainless steel hoses, and cross-drilled rotors available. Our Power brake boosters are a direct bolt in and are available for drum or disc brakes.

Performance Online
(866) 631-7480

Classic Performance Products

CPP’s 400 Series bolt-in power-steering setup for 1964-1970 Mustang easily fits in place of your factory manual steering box without modifications. With late-model drivability and sportier 13.6:1 quick ratio, this is a big improvement for your Mustang’s steering. It’s 100 percent brand new—not welded, adapted, or remanufactured. Boxes start at $379, and kits start at $675 (shown), both have a lifetime warranty.

Shock Tower Brace Kit

CPP’s Shock Tower Brace Kit strengthens and improves chassis rigidity and overall vehicle handling. No drilling or welding is needed. The one-piece mounting bracket on each shock tower attaches to the inner fender structure, bracing the fender and shock tower together. The firewall braces have 1/4-inch steel both above and below the firewall flange. This steel sandwich captures all four firewall bolts while providing a rigid mount for the rear braces. The rod ends provide an adjustable attachment to ensure a perfect fit. These brace kits start at $189 and are available in black or silver powdercoated.

Classic Performance Products
(866) 593-5736

JLT Performance

First to Market

We put a ton of hard work into getting this intake done this early, and the results are nothing short of awesome.

• JLT’s 2015 Cold Air Intake is better than ever and is fully computer designed to optimize space and for best fit and finish.
• You see gains of 28 to 35 rear wheel hp with a proper tune.

JLT Performance
(757) 335 1940

Kinekt Design

Interactive jewelry for men and women: Tug on your heartstrings with the Gear Necklace by sliding the pendant along its chain and setting the gears in motion. Spin in style with the Gear Ring by turning the outer rims so that all the gears rotate in unison. Patented. Lifetime warranty. Free shipping.

Kinekt Design
(888) 600-8494