01 MMD By Foose 2015 Ford Mustang Chip
Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
May 22, 2015

A few years ago it seemed like Chip Foose was everywhere. He had the hit television show Overhaulin’, was in advertisements for several companies, and showed up at car shows all over the world where the line to get his autograph was ridiculously long. He truly became a household name even among fringe automotive enthusiasts—it got to the point that when I’d tell someone I was in the car magazine business, the first question they’d ask is, “Do you know Chip Foose?” and then hand me a glovebox door or sun visor and beg me to get his autograph on it.

But who is Chip Foose, and where did he come from? His credentials are legitimate, as you’ll see in this interview. He’s known as one of the best car designers in the world, but one thing you don’t often hear about or see on TV is how incredibly talented a fabricator Chip is. Stand him in front of a band saw with a chunk of metal and in minutes he’ll craft a piece of jewelry that would fit right in at Tiffany’s.

While we were at Foose Designs for the unveiling of the MMD by Foose 2015 Mustang giveaway car (http://www.mustangandfords.com/events/1505-chip-foose-builds-an-810-horsepower-2015-mustang-to-give-away/), we pulled Chip into his office to sit down for an interview. If you don’t know the man behind the pen, here’s how he got to where he is today. And there’s even a spoiler for a new episode of Overhaulin’ that hasn’t aired yet!