Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
May 21, 2014
Photos By: John Machaqueiro

When thinking about incredibly talented automotive artists, a few names come to mind. Sure, Chip Foose tops the list of auto artists that can conjure up an idea and almost-effortlessly transfer it to a piece of paper. However, another name comes to mind lately – Chris Dunlop, also known as Pinstripe Chris.

I had the chance to talk to Chris about his amazing artwork, and he is probably one of the most down-to-earth guys I've had the pleasure to talk to within the auto industry.

Chris and his lady made the move from the asphalt farm of Washington D.C. area -- Rockville, Maryland to be exact -- to a more laid-back Huntington Beach, California where he can take in that salty air and focus on cranking out amazing pieces of art for a living.

Chris told us that he is greatly influenced by the incredible artist Steve Stanford and, of course, the Overhaulin' man himself Chip Foose.

If it wasn't clear already that Huntington Beach is where he should be, the sign was clear as day when he ran into the man, Chip Foose, at a local art store not long after making the long haul from Maryland.

One thing Chris is seriously known for his Sharpie creations. Sure, he can create a killer piece of art on any type of canvas, and that just happens to include cars. Chris is usually armed with a permanent industrial-strength Sharpie marker where he puts his freehand talent to work on the top of someone's ride. Whether they want the whole car covered head to tail in original art or just some artistic racing stripes, Pinstripe Chris is the man for the job.

If you’re a Ford Mustang enthusiast, you have probably seen his work and may or may not even know it. Remember the MM&FF Sharpie Ford Mustang feature we brought you a few months back? The artwork covering Trevor Jackson's white 1999 Ford Mustang GT took 70+ man hours and 12 Sharpie markers to keep the tips from becoming dull.

"There's a lot of clear coat over the artwork so there's no fading," Chris tells us. "It's no different than protecting new paint under the clear coat."

The original plan was just to go with the C-pillars and roof but Trevor felt the "Sharpie Mustang" appeared unfinished, so he had Chris finish off the Ford Mustang with a two-tone art job.

If you haven't noticed, Chris likes to add details that you might not see the first time scanning over his art. Check out the placement of spark plugs, pistons and other cool details incorporated into his artwork.

Other Sharpie'd cars include both a new and classic Camaro, a Fiero, a few motorcycles, and most recently, a Maserati.

You can catch Chris here on his Facebook page or visit his blog for more of his incredible artwork! Whether you're into classic cars or exotics, Chris has something for you to appreciate and check out what prints are available! This guy's talent is out of control.

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I crossed paths with Chris at the 2013 SEMA show and I didn't even realize it. Chris was outside with two other artists near the Ford setup airbrushing away on a hood.

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