Mustang Monthly Staff
February 1, 2013

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Funded by Porsche
After Steve Woo helped his mom sell a '76 Porsche 911S, she rewarded him by sharing in the proceeds of the sale. Steve promptly used said proceeds to purchase a '68 Mustang from the original owner in northern California. Since the purchase of the 302-powered hardtop, Steve has added Coys 17-inch wheels, installed Flowmaster exhaust, and reupholstered the front seats. "My 17 year-old daughter loves the car and asked if she could drive it to high school this year before she graduated," Steve says. "She came home with a huge smile on her face!"

Designated Driver
"I'm one of those guys who actually drives his Mustang," says Dennis Washburn from La Mirada, California. "I put the 302 small-block together with my own two hands and that motor has been taking me from Point A to Point B every day." Purchased in 2006, Dennis continued with the previous owner's Shelby tribute theme, adding a spare tire on the fold-down rear seat and Torq-Thrust D wheels. In 2012, Dennis drove his '65 A-code fastback from Gardena, California, to Las Vegas and back for Shelby American's 50th Anniversary Bash. "She's probably a 10-footer," adds Dennis. "But she's my DD and I would not want it any other way."

Wild Saleen
The little space here in Reader's Album isn't nearly enough to list the modifications on Brian Longo's '04 Saleen S281. Brian provided a list of 81 mods on his 24,000-mile Saleen, most of it done at Anderson Ford Motorsports. Highlights include a MMR900 engine with Kenne Bell blower and 493 rear-wheel horsepower, Tremec T-56 trans, H&R lowering springs, Saleen/Racecraft suspension components, Wilwood front brakes, Saleen/Borla mufflers with center-exit, and CCW wheels. "This is my third Saleen," Brian says. "I wanted one more radical than the others." Right.

Senior Express
Janet and Ted Ewing prove that the older generation loves the new generation of Mustangs. Admittedly "pushing 70," the Ewings, fittingly from Texas, purchased their '13 Mustang GT Premium strictly as a fun car. "With Corsa cat-backs, it really talks the talk and walks the walk," Ted says. "The appearance demands attention and the great sound really turns heads. For most people, the surprise comes when they notice the senior-citizen driver and passenger .We're the last of our generation and loving it!"