Jim Smart
June 17, 2011

As you might expect from a fresh restoration, there were minor issues. When Don fired the engine, there was smoke and coolant leakage, which were very unsettling for Moyer. Don promptly pulled his Boss 302 from the auction because of the mechanical issues. Paul returned to Los Angeles disappointed, but compensated for his airfare as promised. “In the business of buying and selling cars, you’ve got to have integrity,” Don comments’ “All you’ve got is your good name. so I compensated Paul for his airfare.”

When Paul stepped off the plane in Los Angeles, his cell phone rang. It was Craig Conley with good news about the Boss 302. Not only had Don accepted his offer, Dennis Sweetwood had performed all necessary repairs and got the Boss in nice working order. That’s when Paul bought the car—and wrote Don an additional check for that round-trip first class airline ticket to Chicago for being a man of his word.

Don was also quick to mention another element that makes collectible Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles a good investment—the Marti Report. “When you invest in a collectible Ford, you know what you’re getting thanks to the Marti Report,” Don comments. “There’s no better documentation in the world than a Marti Report.” What makes this Boss 302 extraordinary aside from a concours restoration, color combination, and the rare axle/oil cooler option is factory documentation, which sealed the deal for Paul Moyer.

One more thing that adds to this car’s unique demeanor is the abundance of new-old-stock Ford parts. Roughly 95-percent of this restoration is N.O.S. Sweetwood made sure the car got as many original Ford parts as possible for an authentic restoration. And for Paul, it makes his investment solid gold and something he can enjoy for years to come.