Jim Smart
May 31, 2011

The Vibrant Red '92 Mustang "Summer Special" convertible was already a classic when it arrived on Ford showroom floors nearly two decades ago. These limited-edition drop-tops can be considered a seed of greater benefit during the adversity of declining Mustang sales in the early 1990s, when production dropped from 128,089 in 1990 to 79,280 in 1992 amid product stagnation and a Gulf War economy. Ford was on the edge of pulling the plug on the Mustang because sales were the worst in the carline's history. The special convertibles, also known as "Feature Cars," were a flash in the pan to boost sales, yet they are also among the most memorable Mustangs ever produced.

Ford has a long history of limited-edition Mustang spring and summer sales stimulators, which began in the spring of 1966 with the Sprint 200, a six-cylinder Mustang created to take the heat off V-8 sales. That campaign worked so well that Ford came back a year later with the '67 Sports Sprint for both sixes and V-8s in all three body styles. Ford did it again in 1968 with the Sprint A and B packages. All were sales successes.

Fast-forward to the spring and summer of 1992 with Mustang sales in the tank. Ford had to think fast with a visual package that would sell itself and draw buyers into showrooms.

It attracted Seattle’s Alan Warberg, who had always wanted a Mustang. While cruising past his local Ford dealer in 1992, a bright red Mustang convertible caught his eye.

"I traded in an '88 Ford Escort GT," Alan recalls. He ended up sharing the Mustang with his son, Jason, who was attending college south of Seattle. It wasn’t long before Alan became concerned about excessive mileage, especially when he learned about the car’s unique characteristics and low production of only 2,193 units. That’s when he decided to put it away for safekeeping. Nineteen years later, with just 28,000 miles showing, Alan’s limited-edition summer sales car is a time capsule from 1992.

We could tell you about a full-scale restoration or a relentless pursuit of new-old-stock parts except Alan and Jason never had to do any of that. Preservation began at the beginning with a dry garage and meticulous stewardship when everything was new. The Mustang became a regiment of regular preventative maintenance and care during weekend drives around the scenic Pacific Northwest.

"I think one of the best things about this car is all of the great people we’ve met over the years," Alan says. "It’s like walking your dog. You stop and talk with people about what they like about the car."

And there’s a lot to like about this Feature Car Mustang—its red-hot demeanor, white convertible top and leather interior, powerful 5.0L V-8, five-speed, Power Equipment Group, Cruise Control, AM/FM cassette, Opal Pearlescent five-spoke sport wheels, color-keyed rear spoiler, and body color mirrors and trim work. The Feature Car cost just $850 over the regular 5.0L LX convertible sticker with Preferred Equipment Package (PEP) 245A.

When we asked Alan if he’d ever consider selling this car, he responded with an emphatic "No!" because the car isn’t just about limited production; it is also about a Warberg family tradition that promises to be a treasured heirloom for generations to come.

'92 Limited Edition Mustang 5.0L LX Convertible

  • Vibrant Red paint
  • Monotone exterior
  • White convertible top
  • Ebony convertible headliner/Unique rear spoiler
  • 16-inch Opal Pearlescent cast aluminum wheels
  • 16-inch P225/55ZR BSW All-Season tires
  • Unique white leather seating surfaces with black piping
  • White door panels
  • Ebony interior components including map pockets

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