Jim Smart
June 2, 2011

The car's original C4 Select-Shift was replaced by an AOD transmission from an '89 Mustang. "The car now provides 23 miles to the gallon on the open road," John says, "with an average of 20 mpg over 1,500 miles with the A/C on."

Purists might be inclined to give John a hard time over his hidden modifications, but nothing has been done to this car that couldn’t be reversed in short order. "This is a great car to drive," John observes. "It is quiet, cool, and dependable."

It's a modern-day ride with the style and flare of a classic Mustang.

'68 California Special Facts

  • 4,118 built, including 251 marketed in Denver as High Country Specials
  • Marketed from mid-February through August 1968
  • All produced at Ford’s Milpitas, California (San Jose) assembly plant
  • Some California Specials were sold in sales districts outside of California, including Kansas City, Oklahoma, Nevada, Texas, Utah, and Arizona. We've also heard of California Specials being sold in Western Canada
  • Most were 289-2V equipped though you could order the California Special with any '68 Mustang engine, including the 200 six and 428 CJ.
  • California Special is also known as the GT/CS

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