Jim Smart
February 11, 2011

Horace and his wife Pam have experienced a lot of good fortune showing the Mustang. The Yellow Rose show in Fort Worth and two MCA national shows that first year got their pumps primed for more. Everywhere they take the car, it draws a crowd. Naturally, enthusiasts are interested in the car's history. At Mustang, the Collums took home a Silver in the prestigious concours trailered class. When we last spoke, they were headed for MCA Gold status.

The '67 Mustang is admired for its simulated sidescoops, deep sculptured lines, and wider track. Ford offered a large V-8 in the Mustang for the first time in '67. It made great advertising copy but was something few buyers wanted because it didn't offer the economy of a six or small V-8. Horace Collums' hardtop represents the best Mustang had to offer for '67 with many of the desirable options. Icing on the cake is the Playboy Pink paint.

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