Jim Smart
August 6, 2010

Rachel Emmons is one of those Washington lobbyists whom the masses like to rag on. You can bet that if Rachel is pushing for it, it has solid merit and deserves a second look, just like her Dark Moss Green '67 Mustang convertible.

Ever since she was a little girl, Rachel wanted a classic Mustang. Because her father was a Ford man, that's all she ever knew growing up. When she got her learner's permit, she had her eye on a '65 Mustang. Instead, she wound up with an Escort, something her parents felt was more practical.

It wasn't until Rachel got to know George Hatcher at Norris Ford at Easton, Maryland, that she got on the right course with Mustangs. George helped her shop for the right car, and in 2000 she found this convertible. It was a driver that needed an engine and transmission rebuild but was a nice find because it had good bones. Sold new at Monaco & Sons Motor Sales in Glastonbury, Connecticut, it was opted out as a nice cruiser with C4 Select Shift and 3.00:1 Equa-Lok differential.

With assistance from George and Richard Porter, Rachel restored her convertible one step at a time. New Windsor Automotive rebuilt Rachel's 289 engine, freshening it up with a .030-inch overbore with a splash of Ford Blue and nice detail work. Briscoe Transmissions rebuilt the C4 with new seals and clutches, while the 8-inch differential was rebuilt using parts from Currie Enterprises. On the ground are four-wheel power drum brakes, which are certainly more effective than their manual counterparts.

During the restoration, Rachel opted for a GT rear valance and factory dual exhaust system. The car also has tilt-away steering and Selectaire in-dash factory air conditioning. Tinted glass is a natural complement to the A/C. To Rachel's benefit was the paint and bodywork, which had already been performed when she bought the car. Today, Rachel shows the Mustang in MCA Concours Driven and participates in National Capital Region Mustang Club events.

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