Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
May 13, 2010
Photos By: Tom Shaw

If your memory banks reach back to the early 1980s, you may remember the Mustang Dominator GT from Summit Ford in Lee's Summit, Missouri. By offering an upgraded version of the Mustang GT-at about the same time that Saleen was building his first Mustangs and way ahead of others who would jump on the 5.0 bandwagon in the late 1980s-Summit Ford put itself at the leading edge of the Mustang performance curve. In a 1984 article, Super Ford magazine described the Dominator GT as "the world's fastest production car in the quarter-mile." From 1984 to 1990, Summit Ford sold 20 to 30 Dominator GTs each year in three levels of mild-to-wild performance.

Jeff Yergovich at R&A Motorsports remembers the Dominator GTs. In fact, the facility where R&A restores vintage Mustang muscle cars and hops up late-model Mustangs is in the same building that Summit Ford used to assemble the '84-'90 Dominator GTs. When Yergovich decided on a follow-up to R&A's popular Twister Specials (see "Storm Warning" in March '08 Mustang Monthly), he chose to resurrect not only the Dominator name but also the concept of three levels of performance. And this time around, V-6 versions are also available (see sidebar).

The base Dominator starts as a '10 Mustang GT in the customer's choice of available Mustang colors. The GT L1 adds basic performance upgrades, including a high-flow exhaust and cold-air intake, along with Baer brake rotors and visual modifications like stripes, rear spoiler, and 20-inch wheels. The second level, L2, puts close to 500 rear-wheel horsepower (with automatic transmission) into the driver's hands with either a ProCharger or Edelbrock supercharger, plus gauges for the interior to keep tabs on the boost and fuel pressure. The top-of-the-line L3 model provides recommended handling and stopping abilities with a performance suspension system and Baer's Big-Brake package. Prices range from $6,895 for the base package to $24,995 for the all-out GT L3. The L2 goes for $15,595. That's on top of the cost of the Mustang GT, or course.

With more power on tap for the '11 Mustang GT and V-6, watch for updated versions of the R&A Dominator packages later this year.

Dominator Performance Levels

  • Serialized VIN plate
  • Decals and badging
  • Exhaust upgrade
  • Cold-air intake
  • Customized gauge cluster
  • Blackout decklid panel
  • C-pillar scoops
  • Ducktail rear spoiler
  • Carroll Shelby Wheel Company 20-inch wheels
  • Drilled, slotted and zinc-finished brake rotors

GT L1 equipment, plus:

  • ProCharger or Edelbrock super- charger
  • A-pillar gauge pod
  • Electric fuel pressure gauge
  • Boost gauge
  • HT0 spark plugs

GT L1 and L2 equipment, plus:

  • Full-length headers
  • High-performance suspension kit
  • Baer Big-Brake package
  • ProCharger pulley and belt swap
  • Racing wheel lugs

V6 L1

  • Serialized VIN plate
  • Decals and badging
  • Baer drilled, slotted, and zincfinished rotors
  • Customized dash appliqué
  • Ducktail rear spoiler
  • C-pillar scoops
  • Blackout decklid panel
  • Cold-air kit

V6 L1 equipment, plus:

  • Lowering kit
  • Dual exhaust conversion
  • Tuner

V6 L3
V6 L1 and L2 equipment, plus:

  • ProCharger supercharger
  • HT0 spark plugs

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