Jim Smart
November 1, 2009

The driveline is designed for both racing and cruising, starting with a LenTech Street Terminator Plus automatic overdrive transmission. Because Jeff fitted his LenTech box with a 2,500-rpm stall, 9 1/2-inch torque converter, power comes on quickly because the engine is allowed to rev to 2,500 and make power before torque multiplication. Out back is a Currie 9-inch axle with 3.70:1 gears and an Auburn limited-slip differential.

When Jeff sent us pictures of his GT 500 replica fastback, we were convinced he had the real thing because he didn't miss the important details. All of the basics of a '67 GT 500 are there, which could fool even the best of them. For Jeff, it's just another day of sweating the details.