Jim Smart
October 1, 2009

When we examine the body buck tag and warranty plate, each jibes with the Marti Report. The car's identity became real on April 4, 1968, when it received its vehicle identification number. The body was bucked on April 24, one day behind its scheduled build date of April 23. Assembly got underway on April 29, also the date of completion. Scott's Sprint hardtop was sold a month later, on May 28 at Westfield Motors.

Scott's '68 Sprint hardtop is the quintessential Mustang hardtop with 289-2V power, C4 Select Shift, 2.79:1 peg-leg cogs, and four-wheel manual drum brakes. Ford built thousands of them. What makes this one different is its unique story of survival and the good fortune of finding Scott Fuller, faithful steward, who will preserve its legacy for decades to come.

'68 Sprint Facts
• Springtime Sales Stimulator for Mustang hardtops designed to get buyers into showrooms

• Sprint A was a simple hardtop with six or optional V-8, C-stripe, wheel lip molding, full wheel covers, and pop-open gas cap. 25,012 were built

• Sprint B was more generously equipped with a standard V-8 (289), C-stripes, fog lamps, wheel lip moldings, pop-open gas cap, and styled steel wheels with E70 x 14 Wide-Oval white sidewall tires. 15,106 were built.