Jim Smart
August 1, 2009

To adapt his C-800 to classic car show duty, Les looked to 3W Truck & Equipment Company to build the inclined-bed car deck with power winch and diamond plate. Although many of the tilt-cabs were powered by Ford FT-Series big-blocks, others were factory fitted with diesel engines. Les' C-Series is powered by a 634 cubic-inch Caterpillar diesel V-8 sporting 210 horsepower and 450-500 ft. lbs. of torque. Close examination reveals just 37,000 miles on this pampered and retired fire truck.

When Les attends car shows, he's surprised at the questions about his old Ford tilt-cab car hauler along with dozens of stories from others about these trucks. Like Mustangs, it seems everyone knows someone who has either owned or driven one.

"Old truck drivers love the car and never notice the truck," Les comments. "Yet people who are not car enthusiasts come by and tell me how much they love the truck and car." Regardless of where your passion lies in this Grabber Orange combination of hot car and super hauler package, most agree it is something they will not soon forget.