Dale Amy
April 1, 2009

For those keeping track, Eric's hardtop has the Sprint A package, which, in Canada, included the Wimbledon White with Grabber Blue finish with hood stripes, the Dcor Group, and the unique Canadian-flag-inspired rear fender decals (as opposed to the red, white, and blue USA emblem on American versions). The tri-tone cloth/vinyl interior, blue-striped hubcaps with trim rings, and E70x14 whitewalls rounded out the package, which carried an option price of $164.50 in Canada.

Eric's Sprint also has power steering and disc brakes, an AM radio, a Cruise-O-Matic (FMX) tranny, and the rare (for a Sprint) Competition Suspension. The open rear differential has a 2.79:1 gearset. The total Canadian list price was $4,099.30, and aside from that pricing, the unique decals are about the only things we can see that differentiate this from an American Sprint. Even so, these are rarely seen Mustangs, and we owe Eric a debt of gratitude for investing his time and money to preserve a valuable piece of ponycar history.

As a bonus, unlike most of us, he still has the pleasure of owning his first car.