Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
January 1, 2009
Photos By: Jim Smart, Matt Stone, Gateway Classic Mustang
The RRS rear three-link setup utilizes an extra long torque arm for better control. Here, it's being mounted to the 9-inch rear axlehousing.
Build Team
Creative advisor: Matt Stone
Body & paint: Marty Veltrop, Nick Branson, ZachVeltrop, Lonny Childress
Assembly: Darrel Bloomner, Jason Childress,Lonny Childress, Mike White, Bill Bufka, Greg Morland
Glass: Mike Hatcher
YearOne builders: David Gravley, Mark McDonald, Keith Manley, Phil Brewer
Equipment suppliers: DuPont, 3M, Mac Tools, Miller Welders, Sata Spray Equipment, Timberland (boots), IronClad (mechanics gloves)