Jim Smart
January 1, 2009

Quick Facts: '64½ Indy Pace Car
• Three actual pace cars were built; all were 260-2V Wimbledon White convertibles as they rolled off the Dearborn assembly line.

• Dearborn Steel Tubing confirmed that these cars were repainted in Pearl White, not Pace Car White.

• All three pace cars were consecutively numbered 5F08F100240, 5F08F100241, and 5F08F100242.

• All were fitted with Holman-Moody-prepared 289 High Performance V-8s installed by Ford in Dearborn. All three cars were prepared by Ford's engineering people and Dearborn Steel Tubing.

• These cars were never re-serialized as "K" engine code cars. All retained their original "F" engine code vehicle identification numbers.

• 5F08F100240 was delivered to Holman-Moody after the race, then shipped to Watkins Glen, New York, for use as a track pace car. Whereabouts unknown today.

• 5F08F100241 was delivered to Holman-Moody, then shipped to Sebring, Florida, for the Automobile Racing Club of Florida. Restored in the early '90s in Pace Car White and in private hands today.

• 5F08F100242 was shipped to Holman-Moody for use in its racing program. Verified by Ford paperwork. Whereabouts unknown today.

Quick Facts: '64½
Pace Car Hardtop
• 180 Hardtops produced in Pace Car White (code C) with white interiors and blue appointments (Trim Code 42) in mid-April 1964. Five for each sales district for Checkered Flag and Green Flag contest winners.

• It appears most sales district units were numbered consecutively. For example, Denver district (DSO 51) units were numbered 5F07F113920 through 5F07F113923, with the exception being 5F07F113799.

• Approximately 20 additional pace car units were produced with date code "01E" (May 1, 1964) with DSO 84 to cover ties in some sales districts.

• Vehicle identification numbers appear to range from 5F07F112566 to 5F07F123807.

• Pace Car White was not a special paint mix. It was a truck color, first appearing as Milk White in 1962. In 1964, it became Pure White until 1979 when it became Special White.

• All Pace Car hardtops were optioned identically except "01E" cars, which had the Visibility Group (two-speed wipers with washer).

• All Pace Car hardtops came with the F-code 260-2V V-8 with C4 automatic and 3.00:1 gears.

• All April cars were fitted with improved hoods (also called '65 hoods). It is rumored "01E" cars may have had unimproved hoods (known as '64½ hoods).

• Aside from their Pace Car White color and Indy 500 graphics, there was nothing unusual about the Pace Car hardtops.