December 1, 2008

Owner: Ashley Zollner
Location: Kingsburg, CA
Vehicle: '70 Mustang SportsRoof
Engine: 302ci V-8
Length of Ownership: 2 years
Primary Use: Restoration project (for now!)

From our standpoint, Ashley is one lucky lady. She has owned this Mustang for a couple of years. Since she wrote in and gave us such a great story, we'll let her tell it in her own words. "It was my dad who first spotted my car when he went to look at a truck. It was quite an eyesore, but at the very least it had its original engine and interior, although neither was in prime condition. It was a steal for only $500. We, meaning my dad and I, have accomplished a whole lot of cosmetic and some performance [upgrades]. I am most proud of the new interior we've installed, which really sets it apart, and the fact that the car is now running with its 302 engine. Just having my car is pretty much my favorite part of the whole experience, but then again, being able to take out all the "fast" cars comes in a close second. At the moment, I'm working full-time and hoping to go to college in the near future. I also want to get enough free time to complete the restoration project with my dad." Sounds great, Ashley. Congrats on being our YO Club winner. It's tough being popular, isn't it?

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