Jim Smart
November 1, 2008
The original Autolite 4100 carburetor with manual choke was unique to the 289 High Performance.

There's nothing quite like the rush of Ford's 271-horse 289 High Performance V-8 with its mechanical tappets, cast-iron headers, dual-point distributor, and throaty exhaust. Because the car was ordered from Hawkinson Ford in Oak Lawn, Illinois, with 3.50:1 Limited Slip gears in the 9-inch rearend, it gets right with the program under hard acceleration. The manual-choke 480-cfm Autolite 4100 four-barrel carburetor is original to the car. The Autolite dual-point ignition is designed for high-rpm use, which is why there is no vacuum advance. On the ground are reproduction Firestone Deluxe Champions wrapped around '65 Styled Steel wheels. Tires are likely the only reproduction you will see on a John Murphy restoration.

John will tell you the devil is in the details of any restoration. His restoration projects don't happen overnight nor are any of them easy to accomplish. Painstaking detail requires lots of time, taking years to amass new-old-stock parts. Some of the more elusive items are never found. Or just when you're about to give up, they surface in the most unlikely places. When you restore components most people replace, it takes a lot of intestinal fortitude to find someone who can do it. That's why there is a special quality found in restorers like John Murphy.

Window Sticker
'65 {{{Mustang}}} 2+2 Fastback$2,533.19
Base 289-2V V-8 Engine$105.63
289-4V Hi-Perf. (three-month or 4,000-mile warranty)$276.34
{{{GT}}} Equipment Group$165.03
Four-Speed Transmission$184.02
Interior Decor Group$107.08
Visibility Group$35.83
Full-Length Console$50.41
Tinted Glass With Banded Windshield$30.25
AM/FM Push-Button Radio$133.55
Styled Steel Wheels$93.84
6.95x14 WSW TiresN/C
Transportation Charges$61.63