Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
September 1, 2008
Photos By: Readers

For some people, the garage is a place to store stuff. While primarily designed to house vehicles while they aren't in use and keep them out of the elements, many garages don't even have enough space for a car. You've probably seen one or two on your street-boxes piled to the ceiling, old lawn mowers and appliances stacked against the walls, or shelves lining the entire garage so the wife can stock her Amway business. Sacrilege, we say.

For car lovers, and that obviously includes Mustang Monthly readers, the garage is typically an extension of the home living area. Whether it's an attached single or a separate and purpose-built garage/workshop/rec-room, the Mustang owner's garage is a sanctuary, a place for working on the car (or cars), displaying trophies, hanging Mustang/Ford posters and photos, showing off die-cast collections, and lounging with friends. As you can see from the following photos and descriptions, Mustang Monthly reader garages are just like their Mustangs-mild or wild, but always clean and well-detailed.

Cozy Calypsos
Ken Denure created a cozy spot for his pair of Calypso Corral '70s, a Boss 302 and Mach 1. Decorated with old gas pumps and NASCAR memorabilia (he's obviously a Rusty Wallace fan), the Denure garage/workshop also includes cabinets salvaged from a church fire, a display area for his many trophies, a TV, a refrigerator, and a comfy recliner.

Built by Ebay
Glenn Dispoto of Hollywood, Florida, finally tired of the mess in his garage, so he gathered up all the extra parts obtained during the restoration of his three vintage Mustangs and sold them on eBay to fund the overhaul. With help from his brother, Glenn built walls to conceal pipes and wires, then painted horizontal stripes on them with red baseboard trim. Next came the installation of an Armstrong checkerboard floor and a Craftsman cabinet system. The garage currently houses Glenn's '70 428 CJ Mach 1, '71 convertible, '72 Mach 1, and '05 GT.

Little Help From His Friends
After years of storing his '70 Shelby GT350 in a remote storage facility, Steve Trevisan decided to build a proper garage for his treasured fastback. Located on his home property in Barto, Pennsylvania, the 36x48-foot detached garage was built by Steve with a little help from his friends. He says, "I need to give a big shout out to Mike Raddisan for the electric work and Mark Bedle for all his hard work in getting the garage done in less than a year." Starting with a steel-frame building, the garage is finished with a concrete floor with blue U-Coat-It coating, cabinets, full water and electricity, and a 22x12-foot paint booth. "The paint booth was an afterthought," Steve adds. "It's a great place to paint and practice my airbrushing." An autobody repair/painter by trade, Steve recently joined the team at Glazier/Nolan Mustang Barn Restorations in Souderton, Pennsylvania.