September 1, 2008

Owner: Wesley Cernera
Location: Discovery Bay, CA
Vehicle: '67 Mustang coupe
Engine: 302/306ci V-8
Length of Ownership: 4 years
Primary Use: Daily driver

On his 14th birthday, Wesley Cernera was presented with a '67 Mustang coupe. This Mustang was no cream puff, however. Wesley and his dad, Ralph, bought the car for $200 as a basket case, with the intention of working on it as a father-and-son project.

When they found it, the car had been residing in a backyard for more than 20 years. The interior was piled full of junk, and the car was slowly returning to Mother Nature. "You should have seen it," Wesley says. "There was dirt halfway up the wheels and weeds growing around it." Although the coupe still had its original engine, being dormant for so long meant it had seized. Still, the Cerneras saw potential in the '67 and dragged it home.

Slowly but surely, Wesley and his dad got to work. Save for the bodywork, they rebuilt the car themselves, including the engine, the driveline, the suspension, and the interior. A replacement 302 block was sourced over the Internet and punched out to 306 cubes, with cam, heads, intake, and four-barrel carburetor. Plus, the original C4 three-speed automatic transmission was fully rebuilt.

The goal was to build a nice restomod cruiser/daily driver, and Wesley and Ralph spent many hours toiling to get the car ready. "My dad grew up a GM guy, but I love Mustangs," Wesley says. "But he enjoyed working on this car just as much as I did." Painting the car '06 Corvette Victory Red, while making it stand out, perhaps wasn't a coincidence.

In November 2007, the Mustang was fired up for the first time in decades. "It was an awesome feeling," Wesley says, "to see all the hard work we'd put in reach fruition." Not long after completion, he took the car to a Goodguys Rod and Custom show and brought home a trophy.

Currently attending college, Wesley makes the most of the opportunity to drive the Mustang. "I love driving a classic Mustang and the attention it gets--my friends think it's cool and always want to ride in it."

We asked Wesley if he'd consider another Mustang project down the road. "After building this one, I think it's fair to say I'm hooked, and there's a good chance I'll do another one," he says.

Visit or call 888/541-1777.

Back in 1979, a young man named Mike Joines was having a really tough time finding a set of replacement tires for his car. He thought it would be a great idea if somebody could stock a few examples of every brand of tire for almost every vehicle on the road and sell them over the phone through mail-order.

He approached his father-in-law, Peter Veldman, who thought the idea was crazy, so the two of them opened a store instead. A number of years later, however, the demand for tires became so great that they decided to close the store and sell them exclusively through mail-order. Thus The Tire Rack was born.

In the mid-'90s, the company became one of the first to actively pursue online sales, which make up roughly half of all transactions. Today, the company boasts four facilities, each over a million square feet in size, and sells more than 2 million tires on an annual basis.

The success of The Tire Rack comes down to a strong emphasis on customer service and timely delivery. Tires are usually delivered to customers within days and can be fitted to their cars at one of The Tire Rack's authorized installation facilities, their personal choice of shop, or even their homes. In fact, the company has become so successful that 1 out of every 100 people now purchase their tires from The Tire Rack. In addition to tires, the company also stocks wheels, brakes, suspension components, and air-intake systems, among other things.