Jim Smart
July 1, 2008

When Dave and Penny decided to sell the car, Scott was there with cash in hand. The problem was, he was fourth in line. As fate would have it, the three other potential buyers stepped aside for one reason or another, paving the way for Scott's purchase. He bought the car and headed home to Snohomish, Washington.

Scott didn't buy the car to put away for safekeeping. He bought it to have fun. Shortly after acquiring the Saleen, Scott and his wife, Lois, hit the road and headed to Southern California for Fabulous Fords Forever at Knott's Berry Farm in Los Angeles. By the time they returned home, they had added 2,600 miles to the odometer.

The way this car is packaged makes it great fun to drive. A Tremec T5 transmission enables Scott to ring it out, yet slip into overdrive when it's time to cruise. The wheels are Saleen 16-inch "baskets" wrapped in Goodyear Eagle GS-C 225/50ZR/16 tires. Inside, Scott's Saleen is an interesting mix of stark and sport/luxury. Stark comes from its Special Service status when ordered by the Oregon State Police. Sport/luxury comes from the Saleen modifications, such as bucket seats with side bolsters and good lumbar support.

When we asked Scott why he didn't trailer the car, his response was straightforward. "Since the car's main function is long road trips, it has only 55,000 miles. Pampered? Yes! Trailered? Never! It's driven the way it was intended."

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