Miles Cook
March 1, 2008

On our Oct. '07 cover, we featured a fantastic '67 GT500 convertible clone sporting Four-Valve 4.6 power that was built by Reenmachine ( owner Pete Waydo. With that car finished and out of Reenmachine's stable, Pete's next project was this equally brilliant '68 fastback owned by Ryan Garrison of San Clemente, California. Purchased new by his grandparents, this timeless classic has stayed in Ryan's family.

Except for the 17-inch wheels, the appearance of the car is essentially stock. However, looks can be deceiving: This '68 has been completely gone through and equipped with some of the best modern hardware. The modification list is long and could be used as a study on how to build a Mustang restomod.

To begin, the car was completely disassembled and the body blasted clean using plastic media. After a small amount of bodywork, the '68 was treated to a show-quality repaint in the car's original Acapulco Blue color. All trim items were replaced and the chrome was redone.

Looking underneath, you'll find top-notch suspension components. The frontend is a Revelation Racing Supply Phase II setup, a McPherson strut configuration that has an investment-cast steering knuckle far stronger than anything offered when these cars were new. The Phase II suspension also includes 11.75-inch disc brakes with two-piston PBR calipers. A Randall's Rack power rack-and-pinion points the car in the right direction. The rear suspension is an '04 Cobra IRS and has adjustable coilover Koni shocks. Rounding out the underpinnings is a set of 245/45ZR17 Michelin Pilot Sport ZP (Zero Pressure) tires mounted on 17x8-inch '03 Mach I wheels. Air pressure inside the run-flat tires is electronically monitored.

Powered for open-road capability with EFI and overdrive, this car clearly wasn't built for the garage or trailer. The Ford Racing 5.0L GT-40 crate engine is rated by the factory at 345 hp. Equipped with GT-40X aluminum heads, the engine uses Mass Flo mass air EFI for reliable and efficient operation and is controlled by a Ford EEC-IV processor. Fuel is delivered by an in-tank pump in a Fuel Safe fuel cell, which offers increased capacity and improved safety. Hedman shorty headers lead to a custom-built exhaust system. Behind the engine is a Ford Racing T5Z five-speed transmission, and the SN-95 Cobra IRS has 31-spline axles and stock '04 Cobra 3.55 gears in the factory 8.8-inch centersection. Behind the grille is a SPAL electric cooling fan working in conjunction with a custom-built aluminum radiator.

Reenmachine's level of craftsmanship doesn't falter when the blue interior is examined. It's the original color for the '68 two-tone standard interior. The car has new carpet and SCAT Pro Car Elite seats that have been custom upholstered to match the rest of the cabin. On the dashboard, a custom Reenmachine gauge cluster is fitted with Stuart Warner instruments, including a 160-mph speedometer and 8,000-rpm tach. The Flaming River tilt steering column is home to a Grant laminated mahogany steering wheel. To keep things comfortable, a Classic Auto Air A/C system was chosen with its compact Sanden compressor mounted low and out of the way underhood. Also inside is a Pioneer AM/FM/ CD/MP3 head unit that powers a pair of 6x9-inch Pioneer speakers in back and a pair of 6.5s in the kick panels. Other modern features include satellite radio, power windows, power door locks, and remote keyless entry.

Ryan's Mustang is another rolling business card for Pete and his thriving Ventura, California, shop. With exceptional power, handling, and comfort improvements, this restomod classic is almost like a new car. We'd be willing to bet this modernized Mustang seems new to Ryan and his family as it rolls down the road in its 40th anniversary year.