Jerry Heasley
February 1, 2008

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Rob loaded the '67 onto an enclosed trailer and headed west to Las Vegas. We flew to Vegas and drove north to Shelby Automobiles on the grounds of Las Vegas International Speedway. We walked into the Mod Shop for our first glimpse of the '08 Terlingua and were blown away by the totally finished look. The badges on the rear taillight panel, for example, are solid metal, looking more like jewelry than an emblem. The paint scheme is enough to jerk heads, but the car is also loaded with special features, including 20-inch American Racing Razor wheels, new Borla side exhausts, a Shelby fiberglass "deep draw" hood, and a flat-black mesh grille. Replacing the Mustang running horse in the grille is the Shelby Terlingua rabbit-a substantial piece, cut from a solid chunk of billet.

Shelby will offer two versions of the new Terlingua, both V-6s-a base model and a Performance Pack version with a Paxton supercharger for more than 375 hp. With 155 fewer pounds over the front wheels, the V-6 is bound to be more nimble than a V-8 Mustang, especially with the upgraded Shelby suspension. It's less expensive to insure than a V-8, and with 375 hp from the supercharged version, the V-6 Terlingua needs no excuses because it's easily faster than most V-8 cars on the market today.

Amy explains, "All our cars are built for street, with some track elements. The V-6 Terlingua is a balanced performance car. It's like the Shelby GT and the CS6."

Amy is a world different from Carroll Shelby in that she's a woman, she's short in stature, and she comes not from Texas but from the East. She does a poor Texas accent (but she's working on it). "Terlingua is an irreverent lifestyle. It's about racing and having fun. We wanted to bring something back with six cylinders to give everyone a piece of the Shelby brand that is younger, hipper, and of the antiestablishment type of mentality."

We understand keeping the new Terlingua under wraps. Hundreds of visitors walk in and out of Shelby Automobiles, many snapping pictures. For our photo shoot, Gary Davis actually cut a hole in the car cover so the driver could see out as he slowly steered to our photo location across the street.

Rob met us there with the '67, which didn't need to be kept secret. Basically, it resembles a classic coupe somebody had built into a restomod. It's the first "old" car built by the new Shelby Automobiles. It's still too early to tell where they'll be built-or if they'll be built at all, though at press time Amy said they will. We know for sure-the '08 is a go.

'67 Shelby Terlingua MustangBody

  • Keith Craft Motorsports custom nose panel with brake ducts
  • Drip-rail delete
  • Quarter-panels widened 1 inch
  • Stainless hood pins
  • KCM custom stainless trunk pin
  • Gas-cap delete
  • KCM functional front-brake ducts
  • Functional rear-brake scoops and ducts
  • Rotunda racing bullet mirrors
  • Rolled fender lips, front and rear
  • Painted graphics
  • KCM hood-latch-delete panel
  • Painted rear bumper
  • Custom painted GT grille and foglights
  • Emblem delete
  • Rear chrome delete
  • Gawdawful Yellow and black paint


  • Keith Craft 408ci engine: 500 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque
  • Quick Fuel 750-cfm carburetor
  • Lakewood scattershield
  • Concept One pulley system
  • Power Master alternator and starter
  • Be-Cool cooling system
  • JBA shorty headers
  • KCM custom side exhaust
  • Total Control billet engine mounts
  • KCM custom valve covers and air cleaner
  • Tremec TKO five-speed
  • Ram aluminum flywheel and hydraulic clutch
  • Moser 9-inch rearend with posi and 3.50 gears


  • Baer/Shelby 13-inch front and rear discs
  • Power booster

Wheels and Tires

  • American Racing Torque Thrust II wheels -
  • 17x8 front, 17x9.5 rear
  • BFGoodrich G-Force T/A tires - 245/45ZR17
  • front, 275/40ZR17 rear

Front Suspension

  • Total Control Products upper and lower
  • adjustable control arms
  • Progressive-rate springs
  • 1-inch sway bar
  • VariShock 14-way adjustable shocks
  • TCP power rack-and-pinion steering
  • TCP tilt steering column