Jerry Heasley
February 1, 2008

Rear Suspension

  • Mid-eye four-leaf springs
  • VariShock 14-way adjustable shocks
  • 3/4-inch sway bar
  • KCM custom subframe connectors

Fuel System

  • Fuel Safe fuel cell
  • Aeromotive fuel pump and regulator


  • Corbeau GTS 2 leather seats
  • JME gauge cluster with white faces
  • Four-point rollbar
  • AM/FM/cassette with front and rear speakers
  • Remote 10-disc CD changer (optional)
  • Classic Auto Air A/C
  • Grant Classic steering wheel

'08 Shelby

  • Terlingua Mustang
  • V-6 Base Pack
  • Ford Racing Performance Pack:Cold-air kit
  • Dual exhaust
  • Performance calibration
  • Ford Racing five-speed with short-throw shifter
  • Ford Racing suspension pack
  • 18-inch Shelby GT-style wheels
  • 235/50x18 tires
  • Shelby fiberglass deep-draw hood, black
  • Pony Package grille with foglights
  • Hood pin kit
  • Flat-black striping kit
  • Terlingua hood and fender decals
  • V-6 rear spoiler
  • GT-style rear valance
  • Classic Design Concepts rear decklid cover
  • Terlingua trunk-lid emblem
  • Shelby doorsill plates with Terlingua logo
  • Terlingua floor mats
  • Terlingua shift knob
  • Shelby-numbered dash plaque
  • Shelby-numbered engine plaque

V-6 Performance Pack(adds to base package)

  • Paxton supercharger - 375 hp
  • Shelby gauge pod with boost gauge
  • Shelby by Borla side exhaust
  • Baer six-piston big-brake kit
  • 2-inch American Racing Razor wheels
  • 255/35x20 tires
  • Shelby front fascia
  • Flat-black mesh grille
  • Terlingua "rabbit" billet front logo
  • Shelby GT500-style rear fascia
  • Side scoops
  • Aluminum side-window plates, black
  • Sequential taillights
  • Terlingua hubcap covers
  • Shelby running-board heatshields
  • Ford GT-style start button
  • Shelby Terlingua engine-cap kit

The Terlingua Legacy
For the record, Terlingua is the name of a tiny town in West Texas, near the Mexican border. There, in the early '60s, Carroll Shelby got into a real-estate deal with Dallas attorney David Witts for the purchase of 223,000 acres of land, which was full of huge jackrabbits. Mainly, Shelby and his group of friends used the land to hunt and ride their dirt bikes. So, when Shelby decided to name one of his racing teams after his ranch at Terlingua, Bill Neale got involved drawing a logo.

"The idea was to use a form of heraldry the way you see them done in Europe, with lions, eagles, and gargoyles," Bill says. "I did a rabbit because the jackrabbits are big in that part of Texas. He's holding up his paw to say 'No more peppers in the chili.' Shelby liked it. He liked the yellow and the black, which resulted in Shelby asking me to help with a paint job in 1967 for the Trans-Am Mustangs. That's when I added the Terlingua Racing Team logo. The rest of it is kind of a long story about how much fun we've had putting the decals on various cars and things of that nature. It's been on so doggone-many cars and airplanes."

Terlingua didn't originate on the '67 Trans Am Shelby coupes. The emblem first appeared on the '65 Shelby GT350 team car (5R002) and the 427 Cobra (CSX3002) that raced at Green Valley, Texas, on February 14, 1965. Ken Miles was behind the wheel of the Shelby Mustang's first win that day. So Terlingua goes back a long way in Shelby history.

In order to sell the land, Tom Tierney, a Ford PR man, dreamed up the idea to have a chili cook-off. This idea sprang from the chili suppers Bill and David had on Friday nights during the early '60s.

Bill says, "We never meant to have more than one cook-off. We figured we'd have a big party, some fun, and get a lot of publicity. It was on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. It was in Sports Illustrated. It was in a lot of publications. This was due to Tom's influence that he had as PR guy for Ford."

Most of us have heard and read the story of Terlingua many times. Still, it's fun to hear Carroll Shelby tell it in his own Texas accent. Your author riled Carroll because our simple questions had him thinking we'd never heard the story before.

Jerry: The racing story about Terlingua is pretty well known.

Carroll: Jerry Titus was a hell of a driver and the spark plug in our car.

Jerry: The Terlingua Racing Team car?

Carroll: Yeah. I owned 220,000 acres in Terlingua with David Witts from Dallas.

Jerry: Terlingua is the name of the town, right?

Carroll: The name of the town, yes, and we had a ranch. I bought half the Cherokowa Ranch, which David Witts owned. And we renamed it Terlingua Ranch-220,000 acres of rocks. So, we decided to sell it. Jerry, have you heard the damn story?

Jerry: Yes, sir.

Carroll: Well, then there's no use telling it again.

Jerry: It's better coming from you.

Carroll: All right, then we decided to sell it. So, Tom Tierney, a former Ford PR man, said to give him a couple weeks. And he came back and said, 'We're going to have the world's first championship chili cook-off in Terlingua. The only people who can come are from the press, and all they can bring is their sleeping bag and a toothbrush.' And that was the first one. Now, it's world famous. It's so famous that typical Texans got to arguing with each other, and after 40 years they still don't speak. Now two organizations have two different chili cook-offs on the same day across the street from each other.

Jerry: Did the chili cook-off help sell that land?

Carroll: Yeah, we sold it a couple years later.