Jim Smart
July 30, 2007

What excites Tom most about his HCS is the rarity, with only 250 others made for '68. According to Kevin Marti of Marti Auto Works, who has an incredible Ford factory database for '67-'73s, the San Jose plant produced 45 Candyapple Red '68 High Country Specials. There were 43 with the 302 four-barrel engine. Only nine were Candyapple Red with the 302-4V.

Ford's Denver sales district threw a big party for these cars when they were first introduced. Savvy reporters and sales people met the train as it rolled in from California with hundreds of HCS Mustangs on board. The atmosphere at Milpitas was festive when the first '67 High Country Special rolled off the line.

There wasn't much hoopla when the High Country Specials were built at Milpitas in 1968. They rolled into Denver without much notice, routed to dealers all throughout the area. Although, when Tom's HCS arrived at Courtesy Ford, you can bet it was noticed. That's what these cars were all about: being noticed and owning something special for the high country.

HCS Facts
High Country Basics
'66-'67: HCS shield located on front fenders above Mustang emblems
'68: HCS shield located on Shelby side scoops. All California Special features except script on the rear quarter-panels. Fiberglass decklid and end caps. Hood locks.Blacked-out grille with Marshall or Lucas foglamps. Shelby sidescoops.California Special-style body graphics.Shelby/T-bird taillamps.

High Country Colors
'66-'67: Columbine Blue, Aspen Gold, Timberline Green
'68: All '68 Mustang Colors

High Country Body Styles
'66-'67: Hardtop, Fastback, Convertible
'68: Hardtop Only

High Country Engines
'66-'68: All engines available, including 428 Cobra Jet in 1968.

Production Numbers
'66: 333
'67: 416
'68: 251
Total: 1,000