July 25, 2006

Young Owner Ryan Bruce of Bridgewater, New Jersey, owns this nice-looking '69 Mustang (formerly a Mach 1) finished in the popular Acapulco Blue topcoat and powered by a 302 four-barrel. Ryan has owned the SportsRoof for 11/2 years, mainly using it as his summer daily-driver after purchasing it from an uncle who had begun a restoration but then lost interest. When Ryan got the car, it required quite a bit of work. Originally powered by a 351W and FMX tranny, the Mach 1 had seen better days. Ryan replaced the engine with a late-model 302 and bolted a C-6 behind it for driving duties. Completing most of the bodywork on his own after school and on weekends provided him a sense of accomplishment and appreciation for cars. Future plans call for installing a 351C and a T5 five-speed swap, along with a full restoration back to Mach 1 status.


As this month's YO Club winner, Ryan will receive a $400 gift certificate from The Tire Rack.

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