Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
June 9, 2006
Photos By: Bill Erdman

S-Code Registries
There are currently two online registries devoted to 390 Mustangs. Russell Baker's 1967 Mustang S-Code Registry,, focuses only on '67 models, while the S-Code Mustang Registry,, covers all 390 Mustangs from '67-'69. The S-Code Registry includes a members' forum.

Creaming the Competition
Mario Andretti's opinion about the new, larger Mustang was right on. The '67 was a winner, beating the Camaro in the showroom by well over two to one. In fact, the '67 Mustang outsold all other ponycars-Camaro, Firebird, Barracuda, and cousin Cougar-combined.

Mustang 472,121
Camaro 220,906
Cougar 150,983
Firebird 82,560
Barracuda {{{62}}},534