Jim Smart
May 20, 2006

Unique '67 Shelby GT500 Parts

* Fiberglass hood with scoop
* One-piece fiberglass nose
* Fiberglass lower valance
* Steel mesh grille with high-beam lights
* Fiberglass side-brake scoops
* Fiberglass upper side-vent scoops
* Fiberglass rear deck with spoiler
* '67 Cougar taillights, minus chrome trim and non-sequential
* 15x6 steel wheels with hubcaps, Shelby center caps
* Optional Kelsey-Hays Magstar 15x7 aluminum wheels (early)
* Optional 15x7 aluminum 10-spoke wheels (late)
* GT500 side stripes
* Optional Le Mans stripes, dealer installed

* Three-spoke aluminum steering wheel, GT500 center cap
* 8,000-rpm tach and 140-mph speedometer
* Stewart-Warner oil pressure and amp gauge mounted underdash
* Rollbar with shoulder harnesses
* Mandatory fold-down rear seat

* 428 Police Interceptor short-block and heads
* Aluminum dual-quad intake with Holley 650-cfm carburetors
* Cobra Le Mans finned aluminum valve covers
* Cobra finned aluminum oval air cleaner
* Optional power steering and A/C

* Close-ratio Top Loader four-speed or C-6 automatic
* 9-inch open rearend
* Optional Traction-Lok or Detroit Locker differentials

Suspension and Brakes
* Mustang heavy-duty suspension
* Larger .94-inch front sway bar
* Special variable-rate springs
* Gabriel shock absorbers
* Front disc brakes, mandatory power-assist option