Jim Smart
January 20, 2006

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The blowers provide the 4.6L three-valve with about five pounds of boost and room for more. STS also fitted the 4.6L with Cobra fuel injectors, DiabloSport tuning, a Tial blowoff valve, and an intercooler. The result has been no less than phenomenal.

"We had never owned a forced-induction car," Pam tells us. "Now, I can't imagine not having it." On the dyno, the Allen's '05 Twin Turbo Mustang GT made 470 hp at the rear wheels. Mission accomplished and another Chevy fan converted by the new Mustang GT. Pam, inspired by the experience, even had a Mustang tattoo inked on her body last year.

Because Pam wanted her Twin Turbo Mustang GT to stand out, she adorned it with STS graphics, chromed 18-inch Bullet mags, and a Pro Tint window treatment. For her, it's a keeper: the one and only Ford that made a believer out of a Chevy faithful.