Jim Smart
January 20, 2006

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Pam Allen was born into the American car culture. Her love of automobiles dates back to when she was a little girl with a car-crazy father. Pam's first car was a '66 Chevrolet Caprice, which, she regrets, got away from her a long time ago. Another dream escaped when marriage and children shifted priorities: the dream of owning a really fast car.

Pam's husband Dave understood how important owning a fast car was for Pam, and kept that dream in his crosshairs. As the kids grew older, the Allens shopped for a fast car. They found one in a '00 Camaro SS, and they spent thousands of dollars on suspension and engine mods for an even faster ride.

In 2005, Pam got the itch for something new. Because they were Chevy buffs, the Allens were disheartened to discover GM would not be bringing the Camaro or Firebird back in 2007. This left a skip in the heartbeat of America as they wondered how to remain loyal to the Bow Tie.

It was hard to miss the '05 Mustang launch and the Allens, chomping at the bit for a fast car project, couldn't ignore it. When Pam sat behind the wheel of this Red Fire '05 GT coupe, she fell in love with the retro look of the chrome instrument bezel, vintage seat upholstery, and groovy steering wheel with classic Pony and tri-bar emblem. For Pam, the all-new Mustang was the best of all worlds: factory fast, good looking, and great fun to drive. Dave and Pam signed the paperwork and drove off in the first Ford either had ever owned.

At 3,000 miles, Dave and Pam decided to visit Squires Turbo Systems in their native Utah. They liked the STS system, which is unconventional because it places the twin Garret Airesearch T2/3 hybrid turbochargers at the rear of the car to help reduce underhood heat and improve performance.