Eric English
June 1, 2005

Complementing the power-producing capabilities of the modified 428, the C6 automatic's updates are completely hidden-that is, 'til the go-pedal is pinned to the floor. In an instant, the 2,500-rpm stall converter, B&M competition valve body, and Torrington bearing internals make themselves known, and Dan's face lights up like the proverbial kid in a candy store.

While full-throttle blasts have their purpose, the real fun for Dan and Judy involves a retirement lifestyle, which emphasizes cruising the country with their GT500 in tow. Numerous treks from the Pacific Northwest invariably have a major automotive gig as the destination, with plenty of traditional diversions along the way. Major events have included Ford's centennial celebration in Detroit, repeat visits to the Mid-America Shelby meet in Tulsa, and SAAC conventions from coast to coast. Hmm, we can't begin to keep up with the Joneses-at least their travels. Golden years indeed!