Wolfgang Kohrn
May 1, 2005
Photos By: Dr. Rauno Harvima

Editor's note: Wolfgang Kohrn may be the most influential Mustang enthusiast who doesn't live in the United States. Kohrn, a resident of Germany and a member of the First Mustang Club of Germany, maintains his "Unexpected Ponysite" Web site, located at www.ponysite.de, where he keeps tabs on unusual or otherwise interesting Mustangs, including movie cars (especially Bullitt and the James Bond films Goldfinger and Diamonds Are Forever), T-5s, Trans-Am Boss 302s, and European racing Mustangs. He's also become the Shelby American Automobile Club's semi-registrar-"You can't be a full registrar for just 14 cars," he says-for the '71-'72 Shelby Europa Mustangs, which were created and sold in Europe by Belgium's Claude Dubois.

Our thanks to Wolfgang for sharing his knowledge of the Shelby Europas. More information about the Shelby Europa Mustangs can be found at Kohrn's Shelby Europa registry online at http://www.people.freenet.de/pony/sheleur.htm.

When Dr. Rauno Harvima, from Kuopio, Finland, opens his garage door, he can choose between two '71 Shelby Europa convertibles. No one else has a choice of even one because Dr. Harvima owns the only two that were built.

A passionate Mustang owner with two other Mustangs in his stable (an early '6411/42 convertible and a Canadian '79 hatchback), Dr. Harvima has been a longtime admirer of the Shelby Europa Mustangs. When he bought his first, the green one, in 2001, it had already been somewhat restored, although it was missing some of the original Shelby equipment. With time on his hands during the long Finnish winters, Rauno was able to gather many of the rare items.

Little is known about these rare Mustangs, aside from Shelby American Automobile Club registry records. Few of us have even seen one. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Harvima, we've uncovered some additional information about the Shelby Europa Mustangs.

Claude Dubois: Europe's Shelby ConnectionFrom SAAC records and an interview with Claude Dubois, we've learned that Dubois, a Ford dealer in Belgium for the Benelux countries from 1966 to 1972, created 14 Shelby Europas in 1971 and 1972 under a license agreement with Carroll Shelby. A race car driver himself, Dubois met Carroll Shelby at Le Mans and recognized the potential market for Shelby cars in Europe.

During the '60s, Claude sold more than 120 Shelbys in Europe via his associated partners. Then, in early 1970, he received a note that Shelby was ceasing production of performance cars. Claude quickly visited Shelby American to ensure future business by purchasing over 30 '70 Shelbys from the remaining stock. He also discussed with Carroll the possibility of a licensing contract so he could offer Shelby Europas overseas. Dubois later ordered 14 cars via Bob Ford dealership in Detroit and added the Shelby performance parts, delivered directly from Shelby American, in his garage.

At the Brussels Motorshow in 1971, Shelby visited the Dubois booth, which had the first Shelby Europa on display. Dubois sold 12 Europas at the show, with a delivery time of three months.

Dubois' files and memory reveal that most of the 14 '71-'72 Shelby Europas, 12 SportsRoofs and two convertibles were powered by the M-code 351 4V engine. Dubois admits he didn't care for big-blocks, saying, "They were too heavy up front in a Mustang." He does remember building a white 429 SportsRoof into a unique GT500, which has not yet surfaced. In the Shelby Europa sales brochure, horsepower is listed at 320 for the standard GT350, while the GT500 was either 360 (modified 351 4V) or 405/410 hp (429). The standard GT500 was indeed equipped with the same 351 4V engine as the GT350, only it came with a high-performance Shelby cam, a 780-cfm Holley carb on an aluminum intake, and a Shelby/Mallory ignition. Still, all Shelby Europas received GT350 designations on their ID tags due to the available paperwork.