Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
April 19, 2005
Photos By: Bill Erdman

When you learn a Mustang has been through the hands of either Bob Perkins or Jackie Jones, you know you've stumbled across something special. Perkins and Jones are well-known collectors of low-mileage, rare, and unique Mustangs, and this 54,000-mile '71 Mach 1, now owned by Chuck Proskie, has been fondled by both.

When Chuck bought the red Mach 16 years ago, it was owned by Perkins, but displayed at Jackie Jones' Ford dealership in Cleveland, Georgia. Although it's not a Boss 351 or even a 429 Cobra Jet, the Mach 1 attracted the attention of big-time collectors not only because of its relatively low mileage, but also because it's an original-paint car with nearly all of its original equipment intact.

You don't find that very often in a "Big" '71-'73 Mustang.

It doesn't hurt that the Mach 1 is well-equipped with the bread-and-butter 351 Cleveland four-barrel engine with the functional Ram Air hoodscoops, four-speed, air conditioning, Competition suspension, Magnum 500 wheels, red Sport interior, rear-window defroster, and Traction-Lok differential. Granted, the engine compartment won't win any Best Engine trophies at shows, but the original details, like the correct vacuum hoses and Autolite Sta-Ful battery, are a veritable treasure trove for concours researchers. Basically, it's a three-year-old '71 Mach 1.

Chuck, from Morristown, New Jersey, knew there was something special about a low-mileage, original-paint '71 Mach 1. The Perkins and Jones connection simply verified it.

Mump_0504_1z 1971_Ford_Mustang_Mach_1 Driver_SideMump_0504_2z 1971_Ford_Mustang_Mach_1 Rear_Passenger_SideMump_0504_3z 1971_Ford_Mustang_Mach_1 EngineMump_0504_4z 1971_Ford_Mustang_Mach_1 InteriorMump_0504_5z 1971_Ford_Mustang_Mach_1 Interior