Jerry Heasley
April 6, 2005

We called Five Star Ford to visit with Vic Lea aboutthe introduction of the Bluebonnet Specials. In 1968, he worked atHorn-Williams Ford, where he was the top-selling Shelby Cobra salesman.He remembered "introducing that little car down there," referring to thebarbecue at the Depot in Dallas. "It was a promotional thing for thebluebonnets that were beginning to bloom. The cars were shipped to theDepot because they invited dealers from all over the area."

Learemembers the cars already had the gold "Lone Star Limited" badgesaffixed to their front fenders. Also, the dealer nameplates were on thecars, so they were already assigned to dealerships in various parts ofthe state. The cars were all coupes, Vic remembers, and all the samecolor with the same blue interior.

Don Smith's '67 Bluebonnet Special doesn't need overhauling, but wecouldn't pass up the opportunity to photograph Courtney Hansen, fromTLC's popular Overhaulin' TV show, with the blue Texas hardtop. BothCourtney and the Bluebonnet Special were in attendance at an event atUnique Performance.

Lea worked for Kenray Ford at thetime. "I think we got a total of three. We were due to get two, butsomebody didn't show up so they offered us the third one." Lea sold oneof the three right off the showroom floor.

Basically, a BluebonnetSpecial is a special-order-paint '67 coupe with a Texas-shaped badgereading "Lone Star Limited." Don retrieved a copy of the original windowsticker from Ford, which listed the "Sports Sprint" option: wheelcovers, chrome-plated air cleaner, rocker-panel molding, functionallouvered hood, F70-14 wide oval tires, vinyl-covered shift lever (onautomatics), and Select-Aire A/C.

Don says the wheel covers were simplythe standard variety. However, he went with Styled Steel, fearfulsomebody might steal the pop-off wheel covers because he and his wifedrive the car. Although the Sprint package, as listed on this reproducedwindow sticker, lists "chrome-plated air cleaner," Don's 289 also has achrome dress-up kit.

Ford production figures reveal 175 "Lone StarLimiteds painted Bluebonnet Blue." Of these, 173 had "blue standardbucket seats," leaving open to question the interior on the remainingtwo cars. Also, 131 of the 175 came with air conditioning.

According tothe Mustang Production Guide, Volume 2, 1967-73 by Jim Smart and JimHaskell, engines in the Bluebonnets were either the 200 six or the 289V-8. According to Don, only "four or five" Bluebonnet Specials have beenuncovered. His restoration is the only one with the original badges.

We'd love to see more of these cars surface and be restored. Oursuggestion is for owners of '67 coupes to check their data plates forthe blank color code and DSO 61-5160. There must be more BluebonnetSpecials out there, as Ford built 175 and only a few have beenuncovered. If you find one, please let us know.