Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
March 1, 2005
Photos By: Jim Smart

Ron Smith Jr. is a self-proclaimed "car collector," although not necessarily the atypical Mustang fan like most of our readers. Instead of collecting Mustangs, Ron collects sports-car convertibles, primarily little foreign jobs. However, when he got the chance to purchase this low-mileage '93 Mustang Feature Car from K.A.R. Auto Group, he quickly added the triple-white all-American ragtop to his worldly assemblage.

Ford produced special-edition Feature Cars in 1991-1993, with the Canary Yellow and Vibrant White '93 convertibles serving as sort of a sendoff to mark the end of the original Fox-body era. Other than their cosmetic differences, the '93 Feature Cars were the same as all other 5.0 convertibles.

Unique components included a rear spoiler in place of the usual luggage rack, monochromatic paint, and leather interior with a running horse embroidered on each front-seat headrest. White Feature Cars received white-leather interiors and white 16-inch "star" wheels with 225/55ZR16 Goodyear or Michelin tires.

Only 1,500 Vibrant White Feature Cars were produced-1,056 like Ron's with the automatic and 444 with the five-speed. (There is some production number disparity; the lower 1,460 total figure often used is likely non-export versions only, according to the Triple White Fox Web site at Ron's 16,000-mile example is also equipped with a pair of rare and desirable options: the four-way power seat and factory CD player. It remains all-original, right down to the factory battery and tires.

Ron, from Carlisle, Pennsylvania, says he collects only "all-original, low-mileage, concours convertibles." His domestic '93 Mustang Feature Car certainly fits the criteria.