Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
July 1, 2004

When the Mustang was delivered to Tom, the trunk and interior were filled with boxes of original items, including the fuel tank, fuel pump, and carburetor, all replaced by the second owner to get the car running again after so many years of storage. On the car were aftermarket Magnum 500 wheels with spinners, purchased by the original owner from a BFGoodrich dealer on May 27, 1968, as evidenced by the receipt for $162.75. However, inside were the original wheels and hubcaps, which Tom cleaned up and reinstalled with reproduction Goodyear redline tires.

Tom admits that when he first made the deal for the hardtop, he intended to replace the 390 with a stroked 427 side-oiler. "What was I thinking?" he says now. "I just didn't know how nice the car was until I saw it in person. My eyes bugged out and my jaw dropped. I still marvel at how nice the car looks and drives."