Jerry Heasley
July 29, 2004

The car on these pages, built by Kenny Northum at Dallas Mustang, is the first of the Terlingua Mustang series. The feature that jumps out is the modified R-model front-end valance. Neale, the artist on the project, said, "It pretty well dictated the design of the yellow stripe coming down and then circling the bottom part of that opening." It's slightly modified from the original Shelby R-model front end and everybody seems to like it. Apparently, it will become a Terlingua-branded part.

For power, Dallas Mustang chose Ford Racing's 347 stroker with an advertised 450 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. Behind the carbureted small-block is a World Class T5 that spins a set of 3.70:1 gears in a Ford 9-inch differential. It's old-school technology, but reliable and user-friendly, meaning no computer boxes to worry about.

Basically, you fire up the 347, put the T5 in First gear, and burn rubber. The Terlingua looks to be one of those builds drivers will like both on public roads and private tracks.