Miles Cook
January 1, 2004
Photos By: Dale Amy

Other CDC-sourced pieces include the side-exhaust system that uses a Bassani X-pipe, side scoops, sequential taillights, body-color side mirrors with built-in turn signals, round driving lights, a billet fuel door that has a remote electrical release, honeycomb-pattern Mach 1 rear-trim panels, and a red/white/blue grille pony. Also used is a V-6 rear fascia to eliminate the exhaust cutouts. The hood has been repainted to mimic the look used on '69 Mach 1s.

Inside, CDC added other trick stuff like a Cobra gauge cluster and the retro shifter that uses a Roush lever and a T-handle with the Mach 1 logo embossed on it. CDC Mach 1 floor mats complete the small custom touches inside. A Mach 1000 stereo, usually available only in regular GT models, was added to the Mach/Cobra hybrid. The stereo isn't an option on the Mach 1 or Cobra where a Mach 460 is standard. CDC is now offering the Mach 1000 setup (which we thoroughly detailed in our Nov. '02 issue) as a plug-in-and-play affair for any Mustang that's already equipped with a Mach 460 system.

So there you have it. The Mach 1 platform combined with a Cobra engine and transmission, CDC custom touches, and the thumpin' Mach 1000 sound system, all merged to make one of the slickest 4.6-powered late-models we've seen in recent times

Warp speed, anyone?